SAPAM - Southern African Programme on Access to Medicines and Diagnostics

SAPAM - Southern African Programme on Access to Medicines and Diagnostics

SAPAM initiated as a support program for the SADC Pharmaceutical Business Plan in 2009, and now continues to operate regionally through engagement with various partners and facilitators in the public and private sectors.

Our experience and institutional memory brings an armamentarium that is designed to establish sustainable solutions.  Africa needs regionally based resources and technical assistance to become self-sufficient.

This can also be achieved by bridging the public and private sector divide that has dampened cohesion of efforts.

Areas of Operation

The SAPAM area of operation is Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) with emphasis on improving  access challenges to essential medicines. SAPAM contributes to the WHO defined six building blocks of health systems functions as follows:

  • Essential Medicines and Health Commodities – encouraging procurement cooperation among countries with the aim of effecting cost savings and improving access to essential medicines and devices in their regions
  • Service Delivery – by supporting and providing technical assistance to National Medicines Procurement Agencies (NMPAs) in Pharmaceutical Procurement Supply Management (PPSM) standards and good practices
  • Information and Technology – development of medicines databases for information and work sharing of medicines prices, registration status, manufacturers and suppliers among the countries to improve access, quality, and affordability, custom built IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) solutions
  • Human Resources – capacity building in procurement and supply management of essential medicines and related commodities
  • Governance – working with Civil Society organisations to encourage transparency through provision of accurate, relevant data on availability and prices of medicines which are discussed with responsible Government departments with the aim of implementing interventions and instituting corrective actions
  • Finance – through use of the Medicines Databases, identify areas of potential cost savings and improve access and affordability of medicines to countries in the regions
Essential Medicines & Health Products
Service Delivery
Information Sharing
Human Resources
Health Service Governance
Financial Management

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